Under New York City is a multimedia project exploring, documenting, and shedding light on New York's amazing underbelly - the subway system, sewers, catacombs, and the people that pass through, work, or live in these places. Under New York City will tell Stories from Below through fine art photography, documentary film, and 360° video experience.


“[Under New York City] has the potential to be one of the most important documentary projects the city has ever seen, on par with the epochal photographic canvas made by Eugene Atget in Paris at the beginning of the last century. [Chesher’s] project would be an eye-opening education and an inspirational celebration of the city - how it works, who lives and works there, and what has been built by and for New Yorkers.”
Lyle Rexer - writer, critic, and professor of photography at the School of Visual Arts.

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