Launch Day!



I'm so excited to unveil my upcoming project, Under New York City!

Even though I've been working - researching, scouting, applying for grants, and creating - on the project over the past six months, it's officially beginning today with the launch of this website and our social media platforms.

What's next? Exploring, digging, leaving no stone unturned as we hunt down the underground's stories.

We hope to create a community here, where you participate, advise or just check in to see what we're up to. 

Next week this blog will be privatized, making it a perk for those who have given their support through donations. You'll see unpublished photographs, stories and videos as we uncover the secrets under NYC. Check out the options on the Home page. Any amount gets you in the door.

Don't forget to follow on our social media platforms below.

:) Chesher